Ingenious Creation – Samsung LCD TV With Yahoo Widget

Samsung once again proves that they are the leading LCD television brand with the latest model to add to their successful LCD TV lineup. Now, Samsung is ready to launch a whole new range of Liquid Crystal Display televisions with the addition of LED backlight and Yahoo Widgets. Let’s take a look at how the brand managed to come up with this idea.

Introduction of the Yahoo Widget service for television has been surprising, but as we have thought, Samsung is the brand that was able to apply such technology into our everyday televisions.

The application of the LED backlit system made the LCD televisions produce richer colors and deeper blacks. Likewise, it made televisions to appear much lighter and thinner compared to the traditional ones with cold cathode fluorescent lamps. Along with this, the introduction of Yahoo Widgets made the new LCD TV models more appealing to the consumers.

Such Yahoo Widget capability can access different sources from a broadband connection. Consumers can read Yahoo news and access Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Weather, and even YouTube and Flickr. There is also an option for the user to go online and add more widgets like Twitter.

This latest innovation is different from the usual technology applied to LCD televisions that have been around for years. Users can personalize their television programming. Multitasking is also encouraged as you can watch sports while checking the weather. No interruption will be observed.

The remote control can also function for the widgets to let you control which site to visit or turn the connectivity on and off. The Samsung LE40B650 is one of Samsung’s LCD televisions with this kind of technology. Just plug an Ethernet cable to this 40 inch flat screen, configure network settings, and the widgets dock on the left side of the screen will be launched.

Speculations say that Samsung’s LCD TV with LED Backlit and Yahoo Widget technology will be released with a $3000 price tag. Other television manufacturers are also considering their own line of LCD televisions with the Yahoo Widget feature.

Why Yahoo Finance Is The Best Financial Website

Yahoo Finance is the best free solution for analytical Finance data on the internet. When I was a young Investment Banker, I used to use Yahoo Finance all the time to check on daily stock prices. It is absolutely great for young poor college professionals who don’t have much money and would like to learn more about Finance. If you cannot afford expensive data services like Bloomberg and still want to conduct basic financial analysis, then Yahoo Finance is for you.

Yahoo Finance can totally help you with many different tasks. You can get all the latest news on companies that you are interested in. Simply punch in the company’s ticker and get all the latest information about that particular company. It even works for mutual and index funds. If you are looking to study macroeconomic data or country specific currency data, Yahoo Finance can provide you with exchange rate data as well.

If you are looking to do financial modeling, you can get excellent historical data on Yahoo Finance about any company or mutual fund you choose. Then you can download the data in csv format to use with any spreadsheet program of your choice. This is a wonderful feature because it provides you with the very raw data you need to make a price graph. Then, you can use the graph to figure out future price movements, trends and shapes. This is incredible for any up and coming technical analyst.

Because Yahoo is strong in a lot of different countries around the world, you can even access international data concerning many emerging economies. So, if you are studying Asian or South American economies, you can now get good reliable data about these countries as well. Also, get historical currency exchange rate data that can be of great help when charting forex graphs and predicting prices.

The best feature in Yahoo Finance is the ability to create your own mock portfolios. You can now pick companies that you think will do well and create your own portfolio. Then, you can see if you would have made money using those decisions. You can buy and sell as many shares that you want depending on chosen price points.

You even get customized news alerts for the companies in your portfolio. I would recommend that you create as many portfolios as possible to learn as much as you can about different types of investments. This is also an excellent learning tool for those people who are looking to learn more about the stock market.

Yahoo Finance can be an absolute boon for anyone wanting to start out in Finance. If you are looking to learn how to go about conducting yourself in the market, then getting to learn the ropes is a breeze on Yahoo Finance. I would recommend the site to any newbie. It is truly an excellent offering from Yahoo and it comes at a great price: free. So go ahead and register yourself, get your own user name and password and you can be off on your own Finance adventure.

Google Finance – Late to the Party

If you haven’t already heard, Google rolled out their own Finance site today to rival that of Yahoo’s and Marketwatch.

After spending a few minutes using the site, I have to say that I am very unimpressed. The design of the site is far inferior to that of Yahoo’s or Marketwatch, with a clunky layout that makes finding what you are looking for rather difficult. They display a few financial stats, but not any wheres near what the others offer their users. The portfolio tools are very rudimentary and outdated feeling, and their charts are nothing special. The whole site just feels rushed in my opinion.

One feature that I do like is the inclusion of real-time quotes, something that the others don’t offer. Also, they display links to blog posts on the respective companies. Unfortunately, it doesn’t display links tovery many blogs, none of my posts on specific companies are indexed nor are those of many of my peers. The majority of the links are to the Seeking Alpha Network, to which I am a contributor, but these are merely repubishings of other’s works. If Google can figure out a way to include a more extensive list of blog submissions, it would be a nice touch, but unfortunately I don’t forsee them devoting the necessary time to accomplish this.

I will give Google the benefit of the doubt here, as the site is only in beta, but Google Finance is nothing to write home about. Reminiscient of many of their most recent offerings, such as Google SiteCreator and Google Video, the site appears to be lacking the innovation and quality that used to set Google apart, a disturbing trend if you are a Google shareholder. Unless they are able to make some extreme improvements, I don’t see many Yahoo Finance users or Marketwatch users converting. Not only is Google late to the party, but they left the gifts at home as well, nothing fashionable about their entrance here.

Yahoo Adds Blog Content to the Largest Business Website

Yahoo is one of the top most search engines, other than this, it is also well known for its mail services. Yahoo has various strong featured services which are mostly liked & used by the yahoo users worldwide. Yahoo has served their services to their users in almost every field which are coming in daily part of a human’ life. Yahoo has various services like Yahoo mail, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo weather Flickr, Sports, Games, Climate, Yahoo News, Yahoo App, Yahoo messenger and many more.

Among this multiple yahoo services, Yahoo Answers is one of the successful services which is introduced by Yahoo for their users. It was launched in the year 2006. Yahoo! Answers is an online knowledge exchange platform where users can ask questions and give answers in which they are interested or they have knowledge about. It have the community guidelines for the users and if the users violate it they are banned from using the service. It is one of the best Q&A communities among all online communities. Here we are going to discuss some of the best features of Yahoo! Answers.

It allows the following

• Yahoo Answers allow any Yahoo registered user to answer a pre-existing question.

• Newcomers to the community were required to answer at least one question and maintain a positive score balance of five points or more in order to submit a new question.

• The questions submitted to the community exist for four days, during which, if any users post answers so the original users can highlight a specific response as the “Best Answer.”

• Each user at Yahoo answers begin with Level 1 and after receiving 100 free points can increase his or her level up to 7 by earning additional points through further participation on the site.

• If the answer of the user is given as the “Best Answer” then it is awarded by 10 points per post.

• With the feature of automated system of points and levels, the Yahoo answer may award extra points to the users whose contribution is outstanding in the community.

• It is available for users in many languages like Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese.

• It have recently built a Badge for bloggers and web publishers. It is useful for them who want to show off knowledgeable answers to the questions of Yahoo users.

• The powered up search feature over the Yahoo! Answers help many small business owners to find more relevant questions, answers and discussions.

• Search results can now be filtered by newest, oldest, relevance, most or fewest answers. A fine tuning option also adds to it so that small business owners can see the most relevant discussions over Yahoo Answers!

• With the save search feature, a user can save its search page and keep track on the same page.

• It Have also introduced the features through which users can see the real time updates and Yahoo trending topic.

With the strongest Yahoo! Answers feature, a user can take the full benefit of its services and can enjoy over the community of Yahoo! Answers. If you are not part of it start using one of the best services of Yahoo become a part of the Yahoo! Answers community.

For help to any such service of yahoo call yahoo customer care phone number. You can also call this instant helpline number in case of any other yahoo problem. By calling this number you can acquire easy and appropriate help to any kind of yahoo problem.

Keeping Track of Finance News

The financial world is very volatile and every moment there are frequent changes in the economic activities around the world. The market is strongly driven by speculations and emotions and so the slightest of activities can have a deep impact on the position of the market. Events like political unrest, civil uprising, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, increase in oil prices and diplomatic failures can completely change the course of the market.

People who are involved in the financial sector should keep a track of all kinds of development in this sector. Also those who invest in the equities market will be largely affected by such development as the prices of shares change rapidly, based on the market situation and other external factors. So, investors should be in a good position to foresee any drastic change in share prices that can lead them to incur losses. This is why it is important for investors to keep a track of finance news on a regular basis.

Sources of Finance News:

Internet: The internet is the best source of all kinds of information and so there are many sites that can give you a lot of information about the business world. Sites like Google Finance, Yahoo Finance etc. will give you live market updates and information about stock markets from around the world. Also the stock prices of most big corporations, which are listed in various stock exchanges, can also be obtained from these sites.

News Channels: There are many news channels dedicated to broadcasting business and market news and they also highlight all events that can affect the markets. You can also get live news tickers about stock prices, performances of various stock exchanges etc. Another benefit of watching these channels is that you get to know opinions of market experts about the kind of stocks or mutual funds that one can invest on to get maximum benefits.

Newspapers: Business newspapers come with articles dedicated to the various happenings of the business world. There are many pages of information about the market, changes in regulations or laws and expert advice on the right kind of investments.

Business Magazines: These magazines can keep you updated about various corporate initiatives, acquisitions and mergers, stock predictions, economic forecasts, market news etc. They also publish quarterly or annual balance sheets of many companies which will help you in taking smart investment decisions.